At Shavara, we realized long ago that no matter how amazing our products are, if our customers do not know how to use them it negates their value.  Therefore, ensuring that our customers are properly trained is paramount.  When you purchase a Shavara product, we create a custom training program for your staff so that your success is assured.  Our personalized training is provided to you at no additional cost.

We begin by gaining a clear understanding of how your staff operates and the experience level of those who will be utilizing our products.  You determine who will participate in our training program and what each staff member’s role will be.  Based upon your input, we will make sure that each staff member receives the appropriate training for their role within your business. 

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When you choose Shavara, your staff members will be learning from one of our training experts in an interactive manner.  In most cases, our trainer will work with your staff over a web connection.  Our expert guides your staff through the software at a pace determined by your staff’s progress.  During training, we lead you through each screen of our software, enhancing the experience by using real world examples.  Your staff members move to the next stage of training only after they have demonstrated a complete understanding of covered material.  When the training program is complete, your staff will be able to confidently and accurately work with our software.  To ensure your success, we require that at least one person with your company completes our training program. 

In addition to our interactive training program, we also provide a reference manual which can be accessed directly through our software.  The reference manual is a great resource and provides immediate answers to questions that you may have as you use the software in your business.  Of course, our support is ongoing, so you can always call us with questions that you may have about the system.

When you select a Shavara billing solution, our IT staff works with you to ensure smooth implementation.  We walk with you through the electronic clearing house enrollment process, completing many of the required steps for you.  We make sure that you are able to successfully send electronic claims and receive Electronic Remittance Advices for all payers who accept electronic transmissions.  We provide this support to you at no additional cost.

Please Contact Us to learn more about our training program and how it can benefit your business.