HIPAA Compliance

  • Iridium Suite is a fully HIPAA compliant system. At MBS, we stay abreast of any changes in HIPAA requirements and update your system accordingly. These compliance updates are executed at no additional charge!
  • All of your patient electronic health information is secure and protected. HIPAA compliance is a priority with Iridium Suite.

Security Dashboard

  • Our flexible security dashboard puts you in complete control of each user’s access privileges. You can even set up your practice so that some users can view data but are denied the ability to modify it.
  • In order to access Iridium Suite, each user must use his or her secure password in combination with your site ID and active login ID.
  • Iridium Suite has a configurable automatic screen saver lockout feature which locks a session after a predetermined time of inactivity.

Data Security

  • Every transaction processed by Iridium Suite is fully encrypted. In addition, only your designated staff has access to your practice’s data. No one else can gain access to your information.
  • With Iridium Suite, your data is never erased. Safeguards exist to prevent users from deleting critical data. In addition, your data is backed up on secure servers on an ongoing basis.
Security Dashboard

Iridium Suite’s lock and key security dashboard enables you to control each user’s access to individual features of your billing system.

Our role group security system allows you to designate users as having particular roles within your practice. System access is granted based upon those roles. Clinical users can be limited to clinical information. Billers can be limited to financial data. Report generation and viewing rights can be limited to management staff.


medical billing sofware security

In addition to limiting feature access, you can also limit access to data. Each system user must be specifically granted access to an individual physician’s filing cabinet of patient charts.

The security dashboard is easily configured and can be changed as often as necessary. Grant additional access or revoke user privileges at any time. You can even sanction or freeze user accounts while retaining that user’s data records. The ability to configure the security dashboard can be limited to those users who you deem appropriate.

Iridium Suite’s security dashboard is provided at no additional cost and is just one of the many security features embedded in our software.