Record & Verify Integration

  • For Radiation Oncology practices, Iridium Suite’s powerful Direct Integration Import allows you to bypass the HL7 import and connect directly to your Record & Verify system through Iridium Suite. By connecting directly, you avoid the significant fees that are often charged on both the export and import sides of the Record and Verify data import.
  • With our Direct Integration Import, you can import patient demographics, insurance data and CPT charges directly into Iridium Suite increasing charge accuracy and reducing time spent keying data.

record and verify integration

  • Importing data via Iridium Suite’s Direct Integration Import is easy. The system walks you through the data step-by-step giving you the oversight to accept or discard individual pieces of information.
  • When the import is complete, Iridium Suite automatically scrubs the data alerting you to charges that conflict with CCI and Scrubber Rules.
What is Record & Verify Integration?

Iridium Suite is compatible with most of the major Record and Verify Systems, including Mosaiq (IMPAC) and Aria. If you are already entering demographic and charge data into your Record and Verify System there is no need for you to re-enter that data into Iridium Suite.

You can import your data from your Record and Verify System into Iridium Suite using one of two methods.

Direct Integration Import
The Direct Integration Import was created in response to the significant cost outlays that the HL7 import can cause for your practice.  The Direct Integration Import allows Iridium Suite to bypass the HL7 import (and its fees) by connecting directly to your Mosaiq (IMPAC) or Aria Record and Verify System.

HL7 Import
HL7 is an industry standard and Iridium Suite is compliant with it. Unfortunately, most Record and Verify software companies will impose large costs on your practice for using their HL7 module. With Iridium Suite’s Direct Integration import, you bypass the HL7 import.