Iridium Suite - Radiation Oncology Billing Software

The billing of Radiation Oncology services is highly complex.  Most patients receive a significant number of services many of which include intricate rules for the billing of the procedures.  It is important to optimize your reimbursement by utilizing specially developed radiation oncology billing software

Iridium Suite has been fine tuned to address many of these ever changing billing rules as well as the unique treatment scenarios often encountered in Radiation Oncology. 

Historically, many radiation oncologists operated out of the outpatient hospital department, but it is increasingly more common for a practice also have a free-standing “global” center.  Iridium Suite is highly configurable for these types of practices.  Allowing the user to create code rules that automatically attach the appropriate “26” professional modifier for outpatient services, while allowing global billing for the office setting as well. 

Our radiation oncology billing software has been developed to import captured codes from record and verify systems like Aria and Mosaiq.  Imports are also possible from other EMR software products utilizing an HL7 format via our Connectivity Clearinghouse.  Exporting of data from Iridium Suite is also available for patient demographics, etc.  The import/export capability eliminates the need for duplicate data entry, reduces the chance for errors and omissions, and provides continuity of information.

The billing of the weekly radiation therapy treatment management code, 77427, can be more than just a little confusing.  Is it billed on day one, after day five, what date do I use, do I need the entire date span, how do I remember?  These are some of the most common questions that arise. 

Well, we have taken out the guess work with one of our specially created claim scrubber rules.  Iridium Suite will track each treatment delivery, even for those who are billing only professionally, and when the appropriate number of services has been provided, it will prompt the user to generate the weekly treatment charge.

On initial set-up of your database, Medical Business System staff will assist you in configuring the appropriate billing format as required by your payers, such as hiding the date span or including a billing note with treatment fractions.

The radiation oncology billing software claim scrubber also includes the entire NCCI edit file that will prompt users of any conflicts before claims are filed.  This can virtually eliminate denials for missing modifiers or incorrect procedure billing.

Another unfortunately common happening in radiation oncology, is that of “repeat” patients.  It is possible for one patient to require multiple treatment courses, sometimes concurrently.  Iridium Suite provides the user with the ability to create individual treatment courses as needed for each patient.  This way the specific services rendered under each course can be assigned appropriately matching the patient’s medical record. 

Iridium Suite radiation oncology billing software provides numerous other benefits that increase efficiency and profitability in your practice.