Patient Education DVDs

As a patient, receiving a cancer diagnosis is unnerving and can also be overwhelming.  When presented with the diagnosis, the patient has many questions and yet it is difficult to assimilate all of the pertinent information during the initial consultation. 

Shavara has created an educational DVD for patients entitled, "Radiation Therapy:  A Patient Overview".  This DVD walks patients through the steps of radiation therapy, detailing what they can expect as they progress through their treatment course.  The DVD uses layperson terminology and provides reassurance through education.  It is the ideal reference to give to your patients as they leave your office after their consultation, allowing your patients the opportunity to educate themselves in the comfort of their homes.

Dr. Steve Wilson says: "We've been using the new DVD with all patients who
are new to our clinic and to radiation therapy ..... and the
video really helps them understand what radiation therapy is all about!

Thank you, the producers and creators of the video, for all the good you've
done our patients.  And it will go on to help hundreds, hopefully thousands,
or patients in need, during the greatest crisis of their life.  God bless you
for your work."

Steve Wilson, M.D., Board Certified Radiation Oncologist
Medical Director, UPMC/Jameson Cancer Center, New Castle, PA

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Opportunities are also available for creating a custom DVD featuring your staff.  Please Contact Us to learn more about custom educational DVDs.




 Dosimetrist and radiation oncologist