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Discussing Financial Responsibility with Patients, Uncomfortable but Necessary

One of the most delicate subjects medical office staff must discuss with patients is what to expect for their financial responsibility.  The insurance trend in past years has consisted of skyrocketing deductibles, co-insurance percentages, and out of pocket limits.

A Dozen Facts about MACRA

The Medicare SGR was axed in 2015 much to the pleasure of physicians and healthcare administrators around the country. 

We are now getting a picture of how the replacement payment plan set forth in The Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act (MACRA) law will work.

Taking the Stress Out of Out of Pocket Expenses

Recently I have been seeing numerous online article titles discussing the stress caused to patients over the cost of their cancer treatment.

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Big Radiation Oncology Changes on the Horizon

Proposed 2016 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule (MPFS) rules promise to keep many specialty providers and healthcare administrators on their toes.Detailed information is available on the CMS web site.

In terms of cancer care, hematology oncology providers should have 0% financial impact.

Iridium Suite is a Grand Slam

At Medical Business Systems, we have accomplished our own Grand Slam in the revenue cycle management arena.

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Biller’s Blog Special Edition – Iridium Suite Making ICD 10 a Piece of Cake

The latest news from CMS in regards to the ICD 10 implementation should be a relief to many that have been worried about the possibilities of claims being denied based on incorrect ICD 10 codes. 


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Will 2016 See an Increase of End-of-Life Discussions With Patients?

When patients have become seriously ill many are unaware of the benefit of advance-care planning.  Studies have shown it leads to better care, higher patient and family satisfaction, fewer unwanted hospitalizations, lower rates of caregiver distress/depression, etc.

Biller’s Blog Special Edition Managing Your Payers With Peace of Mind

So if you come across a payer you believe needs to be added to your database there are a few steps to take to ensure all the payer transactions process appropriately.

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