Iridium Suite Scheduler

  • Iridium Suite’s built-in Scheduler facilitates easy navigation by day, work week or calendar week. 
  •  Use the medical scheduler to allocate resources such as physicians, office staff, rooms and equipment.
  • You can custom configure appointments by color, appointment type and duration.  Use the Scheduler configuration tool to establish common appointment characteristics for your practice. 
  • Create several appointments simultaneously using our recurring appointment feature. 
  • Use our Drag and Drop feature to move appointments based on patient and office needs.
  • Iridium Suite’s Scheduler allows you to book multiple appointments in the same time slot to maximize use of resources. 
  • Create unavailable time blocks for physicians, staff and office resources, such as treatment rooms.  Unavailable time blocks can be created on a recurring basis with a simple click of the mouse. 
  • Use Iridium Suite’s Scheduler to project double-booked appointments and offer alternatives to patients.
  • Take advantage of our seamless appointment confirmation, patient check-in and check-out work flow.
  • At patient check-out, view and print future appointments, accept patient payments, create patient recalls and perform billing charge capture directly through Iridium Suite’s powerful Scheduler.
  • Iridium Suite’s Discrepancy Report alerts office staff when appointments were scheduled, but no charges were billed for the appointment in question.
  • Search appointment recalls by target month with our built-in Scheduler.  Recalls are printable and you are able to log follow up calls on a per patient basis for tracking purposes.

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  • With Iridium Suite, your patient wait list is integrated into the scheduler creating a user-friendly, logical work flow.
  • Using our Scheduler, it is easy to search for and print appointments as well as to configure your schedules on a per facility basis.