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Do You Do RVUs?

Clinical staff members have complex languages all their own: diagnoses, medications, symptoms, anatomy.  Now many physicians are becoming familiar with a more financial language, “Relative Value Units” (RVUs).

Biller’s Blog Special Edition – 3 Scenarios for Updating Primary Payer Information

As a medical biller one of the constant issues we encounter is out of date or inaccurate insurance coverage information.  It delays payments and causes a lot work for office staff.  I thought it would be helpful for our Iridium Suite users if I created a “cheat sheet” of the 3 common scenarios.

A Better Analysis of the Revenue Cycle - Payer Un-collectables

Why is payer money not collected?

It is estimated that 30-40% of denials are due to front-end registration and eligibility issues.  If billing staff are diligent with the patient benefit verification steps from our last Medical Billing Blog: A Better Analysis of the Revenue Cycle-Patient Collections, you should be able to reduce that percentage to almost 0%.