MBS Releases Iridium Suite Version 11 which Includes Enhancements to ICD-10 Compliance and its Reimbursement Analyzer

Reno, NV – Locally owned Medical Business Systems announced today that it has released Iridium Suite version 11 which reinforces Iridium Suite’s position as the most advanced cloud-based practice management system on the market today.   

Iridium Suite is a leader in the medical billing software market.  Iridium Suite’s users experience unparalleled billing cycle automation and error prevention measures which result in higher staff productivity and increased medical claim reimbursement and cash flow.  With its extensive analytics reporting, cloud-based Iridium Suite is especially valuable when utilized as medical billing service software.

With the release of Version 11, Iridium Suite users will benefit from the following medical billing system innovations:

  • In advance of the implementation of ICD-10, each claim generated within Iridium Suite can contain up to 12 diagnosis codes.  Additional diagnosis codes allow for greater treatment specificity as required by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).
  • Rigorous ICD-10 vendor testing is underway for both electronic medical claims and paper medical claims.
  • Iridium Suite’s Reimbursement Analyzer Report has been improved to allow medical practices to compare all insurance program payments (e.g. PPOs, HMOs, Medicare, Medicare Supplemental Insurance Plans and Hospital Plans) against their respective contracted rates to ensure that physicians are properly paid according to their contracts.
  • The Payment Manager has been upgraded to include auto-disbursement of patient payments over multiple service lines.  In conjunction with Iridium Suite’s auto-adjudication of Electronic Remittance Advices (ERAs) from insurance companies, the payment posting workload is significantly reduced. The resulting increase in staff efficiency is critical to medical practices and when Iridium Suite is used as medical billing service software.
  • Iridium Suite’s automatic scrubber has been updated with new Medicare billing rule changes for all specialties, including radiation oncology.

Iridium Suite’s users appreciate the productivity that they gain when processing medical claims, Electronic Remittance Advices (ERAs) and Real-time Eligibility Inquiries through its fully-integrated, cloud-based practice management system.

Dr. Samuel Hughes of St. Thomas, V.I. notes that, “The turnaround time for claim processing and seamless integration with AR [Accounts Receivable] management has paid for the annual investment many times over.” 


About Medical Business Systems

Medical Business Systems is an innovator in the field of cloud-based medical billing software.  Medical Business Systems was founded by a practicing physician.   Its flagship product, Iridium Suite practice management system, was developed in clinical setting.  Iridium Suite features leading edge technology which benefits physicians and billing services throughout the United States.  For more information, please visit http://www.iridiumsuite.com


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