Iridium Suite - Urology Billing Software

Urology practices appreciate Iridium Suite’s logical workflow and ease of use.  The development of Iridium Suite in a clinical setting by billers makes the cloud-based system the best urology billing software available on the market today.

Iridium Suite is web-based allowing staff to access the system from any location via a high-speed, secure Internet connection.  The built-in scheduler allows urology offices to quickly allocate resources such as physicians, physicians’ assistants, rooms and equipment with the click of a mouse.  Recurrent appointments are scheduled with ease. 

The built-in automatic scrubber ensures that urology claims are sent out without rule violations which dramatically reduces the number of payer rejections and improves cash flow.  The scrubber checks for CCI Edit rule violations, payer specific rules, code conflicts, and pre-authorization checks.  Unlike many urology billing software systems, Iridium Suite’s automatic scrubber is fully integrated and checks each service line for errors in real time.  Checking for rule violations in real time allows the biller to correct errors when the patient’s information is still in front of the biller rather than having to retrieve the information after the fact.

Medical Business Systems’ Connectivity Clearinghouse enables Iridium Suite to integrate with the major Electronic Medical Record (EMR) and Electronic Health Record (EHR) Systems.  This allows Iridium Suite to import EMR/EHR data directly into Iridium Suite with ease.  Why enter patient demographic and charge data twice?  Let the Connectivity Clearinghouse do the heavy lifting for you!

In addition to importing from EMR/EHR systems, Iridium Suite can import patient charge and demographic data from Record and Verify Systems such as Aria and Mosaiq. This is especially appealing to urology practices who are partnered with radiation oncologists since the ability to import data directly from the linear accelerator provides another workflow option for those practices.

Iridium Suite is directly connected to the clearing house which means that all electronic claims can be sent with the single click of the “Generate” button.  The system automatically creates the claims without requiring urology staff members to execute a separate step to render each claim individually. In addition, clearing house responses are received directly by Iridium Suite so that staff members never have to leave the system during the entire billing process.

The system is continuously checking for ERAs from the clearing house. Those ERAs are brought into Iridium Suite automatically and more than 90% of the time, payments are able to be auto-adjudicated by the system without requiring staff intervention.

Iridium Suite practice management system is an industry leader in automation and our urology clients appreciate the improvements in staff productivity and cash flow that they achieve when using the software.