• With Iridium Suite’s secure web-based system, there is no need to purchase special hardware. This results in significant savings to your practice.
  • Iridium Suite is operating system independent and will function properly with Windows, Mac, Linux and other operating systems. Iridium Suite’s flexibility means that you can use your existing computers and peripheral equipment.
  • Our technical staff serves as your billing IT department. Shavara maintains the remote servers and executes all software updates and backups for you!
  • Iridium Suite’s consistent interface increases your billing efficiency. Eye-catching icons used consistently throughout the software make sense at a glance and enable you to move through the screens logically and quickly.
  • Iridium Suite was structured to work within your workflow, not against it or outside of it. We know that one size does not fit all. Our software has built-in flexibility which allows you to make practice-based decisions and set up certain defaults in the Practice Management Area of our software. For example, you can configure your own A/R status categories (such as Good Standing, Delinquent, Bad Debt) based upon your practice rules.
  • Since Iridium Suite is a web-based system, you are able to access your billing data and software from any location at any time. This gives you the flexibility to work at the location and time that is most convenient for you.
The Iridium Suite Infrastructure Advantage

Iridium Suite is not your typical billing solution. Our software is purpose-built to improve billing efficiency while maximizing the reimbursement that a practice receives from each payer.
Iridium Suite’s logical infrastructure is the foundation upon which our revolutionary billing system rests. Our software was designed with the biller and business owner in mind.
The biller utilizes our software, appreciating its logic and ease of use throughout the entire billing process. Iridium Suite’s convenient web-based system allows the biller to work from any computer at any time. The consistent look and feel of each screen within Iridium Suite helps to ensure accuracy and speeds up the billing process.

computers shaking hands

Practice stakeholders appreciate Iridium Suite’s all-inclusive licensing fee. Our robust and flexible Reporting Module, fully integrated electronic billing, superior training and unparalleled ongoing support are included in your annual fee. Not to mention that with Iridium Suite all system updates and maintenance are provided free of charge.
There is no upfront cost to purchase special hardware, third party software modules, databases or additional service contracts.
We value the long-term relationships that we have developed with our customers through our straight forward pricing, outstanding customer service and the structure of our billing software which is second to none.