EMR/EHR Integration

green arrow bullet  Our Connectivity Clearinghouse enables Iridium Suite to integrate with most of the major Electronic Medical Record (EMR) and Electronic Health Record (EHR) Systems. If you are already entering demographic and charge data into your EMR/EHR, then there is no need for you to re-enter that data into Iridium Suite.

green arrow bullet  Iridium Suite can import and export patient demographics, insurance data and CPT charges between your EMR/EHR and Iridium Suite using an HL7 format, or a variety of other file formats.

green arrow bullet  Unlike the majority of data integration tools, the Connectivity Clearinghouse is very flexible which allows Iridium Suite to conform to non-standard HL7 and other more difficult file formats.

green arrow bullet  Our customers increase their charge accuracy and eliminate the need to re-key data that is already present in their electronic records by integrating Iridium Suite with their EMR/EHR.

green arrow bullet  Importing your EMR/EHR data into Iridium Suite is easy. The system walks you through the data step-by-step giving you the oversight to accept or discard individual pieces of information.  You can also utilize our automatic import feature when individual data acceptance by the user is not required.

green arrow bullet  When the CPT charge data import is complete, Iridium Suite automatically scrubs the data alerting you to charges that conflict with CCI Edit and other built-in Scrubber Rules.

Connectivity Clearinghouse

green arrow bullet  Shavara Connectivity Clearinghouse enables Iridium Suite to easily integrate with third party systems such as Electronic Medical Record (EMR) and Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems.

green arrow bullet  The Connectivity Clearinghouse allows Iridium Suite to export and import data with minimum delays and in a more cost effective manner than other practice management systems.

green arrow bullet  Iridium Suite offers a manual import process which allows for maximum oversight to ensure the accuracy of the data as it is being imported.  However, you can utilize Iridium Suite's automatic EMR/EHR import capabilities if you trust the data source and do not require direct management of the information prior to its addition to your billing database.

green arrow bullet  Since the Connectivity Clearinghouse is a proprietary system, it is completely within Shavara's control and therefore offers additional flexibility and security.

green arrow bullet  Our IT Support staff works with you to ensure that implementation of Iridium Suite's integration with your EMR/EHR progresses smoothly.