Electronic Billing


Complete Integration

  • The electronic claims system is fully integrated into Iridium Suite. Everything you need to bill payers electronically is contained within a single piece of software. There are no separate modules required. There is no need to import or export data to a separate system in order to generate your billing. Our integrated electronic billing system results in significant cost and time savings.
  • Each of your payers can be billed through the same system. The electronic claims and ERA functionality is the same for each payer, keeping the process simple and consistent. This consistency increases your billing accuracy and eases staff workload.



  •  With Iridium Suite, electronic claims status replies are automatically retrieved into the system from your payers without requiring separate downloads or uploads. The system automatically alerts you to errors by line item, directing you to the remittances which need attention. Our high level of automation simplifies the claims remittance process and enhances staff productivity.
  • Iridium Suite’s electronic claims system moves service lines to a pending status awaiting acknowledgement from the clearinghouse. The system automatically receives the response from the clearinghouse. If the batch is approved, then the batch is close and the service lines are automatically moved to invoicing status awaiting payment. Our high level of automation significantly reduces the need to handle claims during the billing process.
  •  The data entry required to enter EOB data is very time consuming and error prone. With Iridium Suite, your Electronic Remittance Advices (ERAs) are automatically retrieved and adjudicated. The system detects denials and alerts you to them. There is no need to work through each ERA to ensure proper remittance. Simply focus on those claims that are denied.
  •  Iridium Suite can process ERAs from both primary and secondary insurers, relieving you of the burden of manually entering EOB data for both primary and secondary payers.
  • With Iridium Suite, claims are automatically processed according to payer hierarchy. When a claim has been successfully processed by the primary insurer, Iridium Suite automatically generates the appropriate billing which is passed on to the secondary insurer. Iridium Suite follows the payer hierarchy through tertiary insurers and all the way down to the patient responsibility level.
  • Through our Coordination of Benefits feature, the creation of claims to secondary insurers in automatic. The system will automatically attach the primary insurer’s Internal Claim Number and External Claim ID to the secondary’s claim as required for successful processing.
  • If you bill different types of charges (professional, technical or global) based upon the facility in which the treatment is rendered, then Iridium Suite’s Facility Track billing will benefit you. When you establish the different types of facilities in your Practice Manager, Iridium Suite will automatically bill the appropriate code and attach the proper modifier for that facility.
The Iridium Suite Advantage

While other billing systems were developed prior to the advent of Electronic Billing, Iridium Suite was created when Electronic Billing was coming into the forefront. That simple fact gives Iridium Suite a huge advantage over our competitors. As our competitors were working on patches and fixes to accommodate electronic billing requirements, Iridium Suite was developed around those requirements. This has enabled us to fully integrate the benefits of electronic billing into our software.
Therefore, Iridium Suite’s Electronic Billing System flows seamlessly into your daily billing activities. There is no need to export or import data into a separate module or purchase additional software. As you move through Iridium Suite’s screens, you will notice that you are able to follow a logical workflow increasing billing accuracy and reducing the likelihood of missed charges.

electronic billing

To further benefit you, Shavara has partnered with Emdeon one of the largest clearinghouses in the business. Emdeon’s size benefits your practice by providing the largest electronic payer list, enabling you to bill a greater number of your payers in the most efficient manner possible. When you select Iridium Suite as your billing system, our enrollment experts work with Emdeon to set up your electronic payers for you, requiring relatively little work on your part. Simply supply us with a list of your payers and their contact information and we take care of the rest.

With Iridium Suite, you can send all of your electronic claims in one batch with just the click of a button. Your claims are audited for errors or missing data automatically by Iridium Suite prior to transmission to limit processing problems. There is no easier or more accurate electronic billing system on the market.
In addition, our electronic billing system is capable of partial batch processing. If Iridium Suite detects a problem with one claim out of your entire batch, then that claim will be flagged while the rest of the batch is sent electronically to your payers. In other words, if there is 1 bad claim in a batch of 1000 claims, the other 999 claims will be processed without requiring you to intervene. For claims with a processing error, the error messages from the clearinghouse are displayed giving the biller the option to fix the problem and re-invoice the service line or claim in question.

By choosing Iridium Suite as your billing system, you are able to benefit from using a system which was designed around the ease of electronic billing. With Iridium Suite, form follows function creating a billing experience unlike any other. Turn our electronic billing edge to your advantage.