Online Todos

  • Keep the yellow “stickies” off of your desk with Iridium Suite’s Todos. Use our Todo function to remind yourself of billing tasks that need to be accomplished. Simply enter your todo into Iridium Suite and the software will alert you with an alarm and your written reminder so that nothing falls through the cracks.
  • With Iridium Suite’s Todos, you can even assign tasks and create reminders for others. Each system user is reminded of their todos during their billing session, decreasing the likelihood of missing important tasks.

Built-in Notes

  •  Each time you change patient information or charge data, Iridium Suite requires that you create a note to describe the reason for the action that you took. Iridium Suite’s built-in notes create a computerized paper trail which is able to be reviewed at a later date by the creator of the note or others with appropriate system access. The software’s built-in notes contribute to a paperless work environment while ensuring that you are able to review all important billing documentation quickly and easily.
  • Iridium Suite’s integrated Activity Log gives you a place to document all conversations and progress made during the accounts receivables collection process. By noting your conversations with payers within your software, you have a centralized location to find all pertinent information empowering you to resolve your A/Rs more quickly and efficiently.

Practice Home Page

  •  Your practice home page will show you critical patient information at a glance. Iridium Suite’s Patients Under Management and Patients Completed screens give you a quick overview of patient status.
The Documentation Advantage

Documentation can be one of the most challenging issues of the billing cycle. It is extremely beneficial to document all billing communications and actions in one location so that the appropriate people within your practice can access accurate and up to date information. Iridium Suite has integrated all of your documentation needs into our software so that all of your billing information is just a click away.

Iridium Suite was created by billers who have firsthand experience with the delays that can be caused in the billing process by inadequate or lost documentation. That is why our software was designed with integrated notation capabilities throughout the workflow.

With proper use of Iridium Suite’s integrated notes, todos and activity logs, your billing process can become entirely paperless. In addition to saving trees, Iridium Suite’s paperless environment will benefit your practice by providing a central storage location for all important billing documentation. Having a central location for critical notations is invaluable during the revenue collection and audit phases of your business.

Iridium Suite’s mini EMR enables you to scan critical patient documents, like insurance cards and pre-authorization letters, for future reference. Having this information at your fingertips can help you resolve billing questions quickly and efficiently.

Iridium Suite’s extensive documentation features can significantly increase your billing efficiency and collection effectiveness.