Automated PQRI


  • Iridium Suite’s automated PQRI feature simplifies the tedious process of earning the PQRI incentive!


  •  Most billing systems cannot handle the stringent and complex billing configuration required in order to bill PQRI-qualified charges successfully. Iridium Suite has overcome each unique challenge in a fully automated manner, removing the burden from your shoulders.


  • Iridium Suite has built-in templates that outline the requirements to allow for easy configuration of each measurement. Iridium Suite does all the research for you.


  • Iridium Suite automatically detects which PQRI measurements a patient qualifies for and presents these options to you for configuration, simply answer a series of questions based on the patient’s treatment course. Iridium Suite automatically determines and stores the correct PQRI code to bill based on your answers.


  • Iridium Suite displays a warning each time you bill a charge for a patient that qualifies for PQRI measurements. When you see this warning, you can complete the PQRI configuration and bill the patient. This prevents you from overlooking a PQRI opportunity.
What is PQRI?

CMS created the Physician Quality Reporting Initiative (PQRI), which provides a financial incentive for physicians to participate in a voluntary quality reporting program. Physicians who qualify and properly report their PQRI data will earn an incentive.









Unfortunately, providers have had a difficult time successfully reporting their PQRI measurements due to the number of steps in the qualification process, the importance of billing the codes in a very specific manner and the requirement that the PQRI codes are billed simultaneously with the corresponding standard code.

Adding to the difficulty is the requirement that PQRI codes are billed at a zero dollar amount, a requirement that many billing systems cannot handle but which is no problem for Iridium Suite.

Iridium Suite’s automated PQRI feature simplifies the tedious process of earning the PQRI incentive.