Accounts Receivable


  • The Iridium Suite Accounts Receivable advantage can be summed up in one word:  organization.  We have designed the collection process to fit in with your daily workflow with reminders, priority queues and screens filled with the information that you need to complete your job in a timely fashion.  Iridium Suite eases the burden of Accounts Receivable collection by giving you the tools that you need to effectively communicate with your payers and your patients resulting in faster collections and increased cash flow. 
  • Organize your Accounts Receivable using Iridium Suite’s color-coded status configuration.  Service lines that need attention could be coded yellow.  Patient amounts in collections could be noted in red.  By using the color-coded status, your staff knows at a glance the disposition of your collections.


  • With Iridium Suite, you can work your Accounts Receivable entirely through your software.  There is no need to print out and mark up paper reports.
  • Iridium Suite provides you with all of the information that you must have in order to follow up with your payers and patients in plain view on its A/R screens.  Document payer and patient activities and responses through your software’s integrated notes sections.  Iridium Suite empowers you to work your A/Rs in the most efficient and effective manner, saving valuable staff time and significantly reducing collection frustration.


  • Iridium Suite’s built-in iQueue System prioritizes your Account Receivable based on several factors, such as aging, and last touched date.  The iQueue increases your collection efficiency by moving your most critical A/Rs to the top of the queue, helping to organize your workflow.
  • With Iridium Suite’s MyQueue, you can set your own Accounts Receivable priorities by creating work buckets based on criteria that you deem important.  Set up your MyQueue buckets to contain the A/Rs that your practice determines are most critical and use that prioritized list to increase your collection success.


  • Configure your own patient status categories based upon your practice’s standards.  Use Iridium Suite’s invoicing configuration screens to assign date ranges for each patient’s status, such as Good Standing, Delinquent and Bad Debt.  Through these same configuration screens you also select a color to be associated with each status, making it easy to recognize account standing at a glance.


  • With Iridium Suite, you can assign particular patient accounts, insurers or even specific line items by individual system user.  This increases collection efficiency and clarifies A/R responsibility.
Iridium Suite’s Paperless A/Rs

Iridium Suite was designed by billers for billers so that you can work smarter, not harder.  Our Paperless Accounts Receivable are another way that Iridium Suite increases your efficiency and can improve your payment collection success.

Our software’s intelligent design fully integrates the Accounts Receivable process into your daily workflow.  Your receivables are organized by insurance company with all payer A/R information located in one place.  With Iridium Suite, common follow up actions are just a click away. 

aging accounts receivable

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Iridium Suite’s highly configurable Accounts Receivable screens allow you to zero in on data by filters such as “Needs Attention” status, dollar value, aging and other useful filters.   Our detailed and fully integrated Activity Log gives you quick access to a complete activity history for each service line, helping you to resolve outstanding collections quickly and efficiently.

The Accounts Receivable process was designed with flexibility in mind.  The software will help you organize your A/Rs while still allowing you to work your collections in the way that fits best into your daily workflow.  With Iridium Suite, you can adjudicate multiple service lines and patient accounts simultaneously by insurer, and by phone or Web.  Simply click your mouse on the Web icon and you will be taken to the participating payer’s website for resolution of outstanding claims.  While working your A/Rs, all pertinent data remains in view on your screen, expediting the collections process by eliminating the need to write the necessary patient or charge data on paper prior to communicating with the insurer.

Working patient Accounts Receivable is also easy with Iridium Suite.  Just like with insurer A/Rs, all patient receivables information is located on one screen with common follow up actions just a click away.  Our software even allows you to establish monthly payment plans for your patients.  The system automatically keeps track of the patient’s balance reduction and creates the proper payment invoice each billing period.

In summary, Iridium Suite’s logical and fully integrated Accounts Receivable module will increase your staff’s efficiency and effectiveness resulting in unparalleled collection success.