About Shavara

Shavara is an innovator in Healthcare software.  Our goal is to provide cutting edge solutions that are responsive to the needs of participants in the healthcare industry.  We offer software solutions and consulting services designed to increase the efficiency of your business and to increase your profitability.

Shavara understands that our customers need reliable, intuitive, and cost-effective software.  We design products that enhance the work experience rather than encumber it.  We work closely with the very people who use our products and services.  We focus on natural workflow and build our products around it.  This has enabled our company to produce solutions that are innately intuitive and “make sense”.  At Shavara, we believe “simple is better” and our products reflect this belief. 

Our products and services originate in the clinical setting rather than in a "think tank" or disconnected IT environment.  Hence, our offerings have strong connections and practical applications in the clinical world from which they originate.  Our flagship product, Iridium Suite, is an example of this development philosophy.  Iridium Suite is unique because it is directly tied to common clinical and biller workflow, enabling its users to "work smarter, not harder".

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