About Iridium Suite

Iridium Suite was conceived in a radiation oncology practice by a physician who was dissatisfied with the older, more generic billing systems available in the marketplace. He found that the tools and services available for radiation oncology billing were unsatisfactory, inefficient and they did not allow him to maximize his revenue potential. Following this realization, he started Medical Business Systems, and later Shavara, and began the process of developing a new billing system from scratch. Since then, we have expanded our software to include other specialties.

Iridium Suite stands apart from its competitors in many ways. First, the software development was not driven by software engineers, but by the billers and the clinicians who performed the billing themselves. This style of development has allowed Iridium Suite to mirror common biller workflow more closely than the alternatives. The product was developed hand-in-hand with the billers who work with it, and we continue to seek our customers’ input today. We feel that our customers’ input is valuable and we translate it directly into the software.

Another difference between Iridium Suite and its competitors is that our software was originally created during the time when electronic billing was coming into prominence. This allowed us to develop our software to work seamlessly and logically with electronic billing standards right from the start. Many billing systems were designed before the advent of electronic billing and have been forced to adapt their old structures to incorporate new requirements. Our customers appreciate Iridium Suite’s ease-of-use and logical workflow with its full integration of electronic billing features.



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